Apple Crisp Compilation CD & Zine

The Apple Crisp Compilation CD and Print Zine will drop February 24th 2009 at the Pete Samples Concert!  Special release party price: $10!

For $15, you get a CD of fantastic music by Apple Crisp Records recording artists and a substantial, beautiful print zine.  Available at Novel Idea.

Track Listings:

Magic Jordan – Running For Our Lives
Nich Worby And The Milkwood Sparrows – Tiny Ghosts
False Face – Year Of The Benefit Of Doubt
The House Is Black – Scatter
PS I Love You – 2012
Christina Foster – Me AndLatoya
Rueben De Groot – Island
The Gertrudes – Turn Out The Lights
TimKnightUs – Simultaneous (Scientific Discoveries On Opposite Ends Of The Globe)