Saturday, January 29th, 8PM at The Mansion (509 Princess St.)
$5 at the door / 19+

Entire Cities, led by Simon Borer, is as much about their message as their sound.  Critics have quickly picked up on his deeply poetic lyrics amidst the raucously ragged music.  Borer’s songwriting is “meticulous and raw,”* at turns plain-spoken and hallucinatory.  Whether he is crafting a clever dialogue on the negotiations of love, an ode to the limits of language, or plainly recounting the madnesses of rural poverty, Borer manages to marry the delicate craft of his words with his unique musical sensibilities.  While it might be difficult to categorize at first listen, Borer traces his approach to a generation of songwriters like The Rolling Stones and the Velvet Underground, for whom genres and conventions were stops on the roadside: places to be frequented, gleefully explored, and pissed on when necessary.

“Take Canada’s hottest country fiddler, a guitarist that is a cross between Tom Morello and Kevin Breit, a percussionist that plays saw blades and filling cabinets, an upright bassist with the best power stance east of Winnipeg and you get New Country Rehab. Outlaw-Indie-Country pioneers, a band that channels Hank Williams Sr. as much as Arcade Fire.”